NewLaVie is vertically integrated to provide a multitude of products that growers need to set up a successful grow operations. Our grow system solutions include but not limited to grow pods, stationary and mobile racks, moving benches, food grade stainless steel insulations panels for grow rooms made of polyurethane, rock wool & EPS, pre fabricated grow rooms from cam locked insulation panels, dehumidifiers, HVAC systems, greenhouses, fertigation systems, sensors and other accessories required for a successful grow operation.

Grow Pods

Grow pod is an indoor farming system in a shipping container that has been specifically modified to provide a controlled environment with artificial lighting suitable to grow a variety of horticulture and agricultural products. These pods are a turnkey indoor cultivation system solution from germination to final crop, whether it be leafy greens, herbs or cannabis. These systems customizable to grow any crop in any climate. “Any Crop any Climate”!

Main Features of NLV Grow Pods


The interior walls and dividers, if any, are insulated with fire proof, anti-bacterial and anti-fungus coated Polyurethane insulation panels from 2″ to 6″ thickness based on climate & crop requirements.


The racks inside the grow pod are customized to the crop requirement and growers preference. The pods come in from one or two layer rack (cannabis) up to 8-layers for leafy / microgreens/ nursery applications.

Automated Environment Control System

All pods are shipped with a fully automated environment control system to control the temperature, and humidity inside the pod. Generally 3 to 10 Ton HVAC system and 100L/day dehumidifier is required for most crops. Other options are available on request.

IOT Enabled Fertigation

System Fertigation system is an essential part of controlled environment cultivation. NewLaVie in partnership with its strategic OEM partners can provide fully automated fertigation system that is agnostic to the method of cultivation with remote control & monitoring.

Other Accessories

To control the quality of the crop, it is important to have the right sensors for monitoring the environment. NewLaVie provides a number of accessories such as CO2 sensors & regulators, pH sensors, EC sensors, temperature & humidity sensors, light sensors, etc.. we can customize it based on your requirements

Grow Racks

Mobile Grow Racks are engineered for higher space utilization, up to 20x based on the number of vertical layers. Each layer is designed to provide enough vertical clearance between the LED Grow Lights and the Crop Canopy for better air flow, ventilation system, and injection of Cold Air where it is highly desired. The downward air injection along the length of rack eliminates the hot spots thus maintaining a uniform temperature across the grow room at all levels. This creates a perfect environment for the Crop to be cultivated in the grow room. All racks are powder coated and treated with anti-rust, anti-fungal and anti-microbial coatings. The racks are designed with anti-tipping safety mechanism to prevent any accidents at your grow facility. Download the detailed brochure for more information.

Mobile racks – that can be shipped in subassemblies from our overseas factory.


The intended use of the greenhouse determines the type, size and quantities of greenhouses. Critical factors affecting greenhouse selection are cost, use of greenhouse (vegetables, fruits, flowers or cannabis), and location of the greenhouse. Every greenhouse comprises of four essential elements: (1)- Framework, (2)-Cover, (3)- End wall & door, and (4)- Connectors & Fasteners. All our greenhouses are made of hot-dip galvanized light steel with lifetime of greater than 15 years. The greenhouse can be covered with single or multiple layers of Plastic Film (PE), Polycarbonate sheets (PC), or Tampered Glass. The end doors can be sliding or push-pull doors. Greenhouses are usually classified in two broader segments (1)- Freestanding Tunnels greenhouses that include Arch type (semicircle) and Gothic type tunnel greenhouses (gable), and (2) – Gutter Connected multi-tunnel greenhouses that include Arch type, Venlo type, and Sawtooth type tunnel greenhouses. All greenhouses are their pro’s and con’s and one must do the due-diligence which greenhouse is suitable for your application. Beside, the environment control system, supplementary lighting and light deprivation system, fertigation & control are essential parts of a successful greenhouse operations. Download the information brochure about our greenhouses. We can customize the greenhouse to your requirements and provide you a cost competitive quote.