Organic Urban Farming



NewLaVie’s mission is to bring Organic Urban Farms to the masses in the hopes of supplying nutritious and affordable produce in the face of global food insecurity, whether due to income disparity or insufficient agricultural resources. With our produce-selling partners, we believe our mission is commercially viable and of ever-increasing importance.

Along with our food insecurity mission, we strive to produce as sustainably as possible. From 95% water efficiency, to no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, to the ability to re-use our substrate for mushroom production or as organic fertilizer for greenhouses, we are committed to improving sustainability in, and outside of, our operations.

We have reached this point through the design and development of every level of our Organic Urban Farms. Everything from our own LED lights, organic growth substrate, and irrigation systems has been crafted to maximize success. In fact, our solutions are versatile enough to assist partners in seeking improved efficiency in their operations.

Growth technology and process are the key indicators of success, but logistics and infrastructure are seconds. NewLaVie is equipped for these challenges with everything from a consolidated supply chain providing prefab construction and modular structures, to AI & data analytics driving advancements through IoT monitoring.

Any Crop, Any Climate

We’re extremely hard working and deeply passionate individuals who love farming almost as much we love our global community.

Our Mission

Create a local, sustainable food supply across the world utilizing our proprietary technology & strategic partnerships to deliver healthy & affordable produce to the masses!