NewLaVie aims to recalibrate the way farming is currently perceived and positively impact food and health internationally. We are a global agriculture company with next generation ag-tech systems, patented technology and teams spread across USA, Netherlands, China, Malaysia and India.


Our objective is to utilize and share our technology and operational expertise to increase the availability of quality foods and health products. Whether through the design and operation of an urban farm or supporting an exciting new product, advancing food and health is our main objective. This diversified approach is possible through the desired business symbiosis of products grown, manufactured or sold similarly to one another, fitting our objective.

NewLaVie’s mission is to bring the best in food and health to the masses.



Our latest generation of LED lighting fixtures, provide an incredible amount of usable energy to your plants while consuming less power. Different fixtures fit different applications to support all types of growers.

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Systems Solutions

Our integrated design solution maximizes any type space in the new vertical farming world. Fully customizable to meet your requirements, these durable structures provide incredible flexibility.

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Any Crop, Any Climate

We’re hard working and deeply passionate individuals who love farming almost as much we love our global community.


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