Our goal is to maximize our space

Maximize Yield

Our mobile systems move together, taking full advantage of available floor space. They can also reach up to 30 feet tall, allowing for two, three, or even four tiers of growing space.

Customize Your Solution

Every grower has their own processes, techniques, and trade secrets — so why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution? We’ll help you design a system that’s tailored to your precise needs. Choose the size, height, finishes, and accessories that you need and our team of engineers will create a solution that flows seamlessly with your processes. We’ll also help you stay within your budget by installing systems that grow with you.

Phased Approach

We work with your schedule and your budget to create scalable solutions. In order to minimize downtime, we routinely install additional systems in rooms that have recently completed a harvest. We can also add more carriages to your GROW system at a future date to accommodate your budget as you scale your operation.


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