Our Story

Organic food is our DNA

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NewLaVie aims to create impact in the way current farming is perceived and making headway to in creating global impact. We are a global agriculture company with next generation agtech systems and multiple patents with team spread across USA, Netherlands, China, Malaysia and India.

Our Discovery

Our story began with over a decade experience in designing lighting solutions for hydroponics and aeroponics systems. However, the high tech systems attracts high capex and opex costs which makes it commercially unviable and the food security voes still remains the same. With the experience of installing and testing multiple systems and processes, Newlavie has powered its systems and processes by combining the organic agriculture methods with technology to build systems that deliver food-grade organic growing systems for customers ranging from individuals to large scale commercial operations. Our systems have been operational in many countries and in multiple states in United states.

Newlavie is vertically integrated company controlling most of the supply chain starting from the coco coir, organic nutrients, artificial lighting, control systems, temperature, Co2 and PH sensors.

Our Mission

Driven by the dream of organic food, Newlavie’s mission is to bring Organic Urban Farms to the masses. Supplying nutritious and affordable organic produce to address global food insecurity, whether due to income disparity, or insufficient agricultural resources. With our cost effective production and efficient distribution system we believe our mission is commercially viable and increases the stakeholder value.
Sustainability is our major criteria to bring in efficiency in the food produce, with depreciating natural resources. From conserving more than 95% water, to no pesticides and chemical fertilizers, to the reusable substrate for indoor farms and/or as organic fertilizer for green houses, we are committed to improving sustainability outside of our own operations.
Growth technology and process are the key indicators of success, but logistics and infrastructure are close seconds. Newlavie is equipped for these challenges with everything from a consolidated supply chain providing prefab construction & modular structure systems, to AI & data analytics driving advancement through IoT monitoring.
Newlavie brings the dream to feed the world’s population by onboarding and educating the growers to become efficient in the grow methods with the help of technology.


“At the end Software can’t feed people”
it is people who can feed people.


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